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As the success rate of dental implants has become more widely known, requests have increased for information about this procedure. Dr. Nail collaborates care with dental specialists such as oral surgeons and periodontists to provide patients with the optimal restoration of function and beauty.

What are dental implants?

Implants are commonly thought of as tooth replacements. In the big picture, this is true. When you look at the details, however, you will see that a very small titanium post, the implant, is intended to replace the root of a tooth. Over time and through years of research, scientists have discovered that roots do much more than stabilize individual teeth in the jaw. Roots are also beneficial to the jawbone and its longevity. When chewing occurs, force is transferred from the crown of teeth to the root and from there to bone tissue. Stimulated by this force, bone continues to regenerate. As its demonstrated by folks who have no natural teeth, the absence of teeth and roots leads to significant changes in the structure of the jawbone.

Benefits of implants

Patients who choose to integrate implants into their tooth replacement dental treatment plan benefit in a variety of ways. One of the most noticeable advantages of implant treatment is the stability of replacement teeth. This is as true for the person stabilizing a full denture with a few implants as it is for the person replacing a single tooth with an implant supported crown. We love helping patients regain the highest amount of comfort, function, and confidence with dental implant treatment designed around their needs and goals.

The process

Time is the greatest investment into tooth replacement with implants. To complete the transition into the final restoration, may take several months. The process of tooth replacement, in some cases, begins with extraction. Some patients, depending on how much bone loss has occurred, may require a preemptive surgery to build up the jawbone in order to support implants and their restorations. Under the care of an experienced oral surgeon, our patients receive efficient, comfortable treatment and close follow-up.
After implants have become integrated into the jawbone through natural bone growth around them, they are ready to hold their crown, bridge, or denture. At this time, Dr. Nail will affix the restoration to the implant, where it will look and feel just like a natural tooth or teeth.
You can love your smile even after losing natural teeth! Let us show you how. Contact Athens Oconee Dentistry today for your dental implant consultation

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