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Botox, singularly or combined with cosmetic dentistry, enhances your smile, facial aesthetics in Athens GA

Botox, singularly or combined with cosmetic dentistry,

As one of the world’s most popular cosmetic procedures, you may know about Botox and its power to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines around the eyes and forehead. In the skilled hands of a specialist with advanced training in the structures of the face, head, and neck, Dr. Brent Nail and his team at Athens Oconee Dentistry are adept at safely and precisely administering Botox Cosmetic in Athens GA to improve the appearance of lines in the upper part of the face, in addition to other applications.

Botox to restore your facial shape

As a dentist, Dr. Nail sees the often-overlooked cumulative effects of dental habits on a daily basis; for example, you may not consider how habitual teeth-grinding alters your appearance. Those bruxist patients who typically grind and clench their teeth while asleep, use such significant force in the act of grinding and clenching that they actually cause the muscles that crush and your food to bulk up. Think of the way your upper arms become bigger with targeted weight training. Masseters that connect your cheeks to the jaws operate like any other muscles, in that this complication of bruxism and other habits may expand to such a degree that a formerly oval face looks square with the passage of time.

When precisely injected into overworked muscles, Botox blocks those messages from the brain, which tells the muscles to contract. When these signals are impeded, the masseters responsible for a bulked-up jaw are not engaged. As a dentist, Dr. Nail also appreciates how this procedure can have a transformative effect on patients’ lives in other ways. Since bruxism is linked to TMJ disorders, patients can finally get relief from chronic headaches, jaw locking, stiffness, and pain.

Botox customized to your needs

Botox Cosmetic works similarly to soften wrinkles in the upper face, and it can be combined with dermal fillers and cosmetic dentistry for full facial rejuvenation. Call (706) 549-2440.

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