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Gum disease is a major concern for American adults for several reasons. One, statistics suggest that millions have some form of infection in the gums. Two, gum disease is incredibly subtle. Easily missed outside of professional dental visits, this condition can progress quickly before you really understand what it is doing to your smile and your overall health. Three, untreated gum disease is the leading factor in adult tooth loss . . . the list goes on and on.

Dr. Nail provides patients of our Oconee office with the level of care they deserve. As a part of our routine exam and cleaning visits, we perform a thorough 6-point assessment of every individual tooth in the mouth, because that is the absolute best way to identify problems before they cause significant damage. This comprehensive charting of teeth and gums complements digital x-rays and early caries detection to pinpoint precisely where care is needed and when it is needed.

Gum disease is especially important to address quickly because there is no cure for this infectious process. It is caused by oral bacteria that naturally occur in the mouth, and there is no way to rid the mouth of all these microorganisms. To balance bacterial activity and minimize acidity takes continued effort and cooperation between the dentist, hygienist, and patient.

The way that we treat gum disease directly correlates with the extent of damage discovered during our examination. Ideally, we can detect infection in the gums very early. When this is the case, we can minimize the effects of harmful oral bacteria with a customized dental cleaning. The cleaning performed for the treatment of gum disease differs slightly from routine cleanings in that there is a focus on plaque removal around the gum line. The deep cleaning is also referred to as scaling and root planing. The process, which can be performed with local anesthetic, cleans root surfaces and pockets, and smooths the root to encourage the attachment of gum tissue for better stabilization of teeth.

When we treat patients for gum disease, visits are scheduled more frequently than the average six-months. We do this because gums that have been weakened by the effects of oral bacteria may more quickly become reinfected, causing serious problems. The longevity of the results is important to us because we recognize the alternative to excellent dental care is the premature loss of teeth.

Dr. Nail and our friendly team are your advocates for oral health. Contact our office today to schedule your comprehensive exam and cleaning.

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