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Common dental problems such as cavities and gum disease can cause a great deal of stress. The good news is that your trusted dental team offers preventive care and support to help you avoid these and other threats to optimal oral health.

Preventive dentistry includes your routine exam and hygiene visits. This proactive approach to dental care enables us to detect problems when they are small and, in many cases, to prevent them altogether. Some of the services your smile can benefit from include fluoride treatment, dental sealants, and oral cancer screenings.


Our pediatric and adult patients can benefit from professional fluoride treatments. This protective mineral fortifies enamel against the effects of an acidic oral environment and also has restorative capabilities in the earliest stages of decay. As part of your routine visit at Athens Oconee Dentistry, a fluoride treatment takes only a few minutes. You may be asked to avoid eating or drinking for thirty minutes after your appointment to allow fluoride to be fully absorbed. To give your teeth the greatest chance at lifelong health, schedule your fluoride treatments at least twice a year.

Dental sealants

Like fluoride, the application of dental sealants is an excellent preventive measure for both children and adults. This quick treatment provides years of protection against tooth decay in highly susceptible areas. Dental sealant treatment involves applying a liquid solution onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Here, there tend to be deep crevices and grooves in which bacteria and debris from food accumulate. By sealing these areas with a durable plastic material, Dr. Nail facilitate easily sustained oral health.

Oral cancer screenings

Screening for oral cancer is an important aspect of preventive dentistry, and we perform thorough screenings as a routine part of our dental exam. In addition to observing the condition of soft tissues in the mouth, the oral cancer screening also involves a manual exam of the face and neck.

Digital x-rays

We believe in conducting dental care in the most comfortable, most efficient, and least obtrusive manner possible. When you need dental x-rays, you can feel at ease with our use of digital technology. Digital x-rays have improved the overall patient experience because this technology emits only one-tenth of the radiation of traditional film x-rays. Additionally, we are able to transfer high-quality images to our computer screen where we can share them with you, giving you an understanding of your dental needs.

Athens Oconee Dentistry offers friendly, professional dental care you can count on. Contact us today for your routine exam and cleaning.

Prevention is the best form of medicine. This applies to dentistry as well! Keep your smile healthy with routine care at Athens Oconee Dentistry (706) 549-2440.

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