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A bright white smile is one of the most wonderful features of a person’s appearance. White, dazzling teeth make you look and feel younger. Also, when you are happy with the color or your teeth, you smile more frequently and carry yourself with a little more confidence. We love helping our patients feel good about their smiles and are happy to design teeth whitening around each person’s individual needs.

In-office whitening

Dr. Nail performs professional teeth whitening in our office. While you sit back and watch television on one of our mounted screens or listen to music, our staff works diligently through your teeth whitening process so that when you leave our office, you feel pampered and more confident in the appearance of your teeth.

How one-hour teeth whitening works

Millions of people have had their teeth whitening done in their local dental office. Our process involves preparing the lips and gums so that they are not irritated by our powerful whitening solution. We then apply our 35 percent hydrogen peroxide solution to the teeth. The POLA product that we use also includes a desensitizing agent, making the process more comfortable for more people. POLA requires no special light, just time. In about a 45-minute treatment, stains from foods, beverages, and other products become a thing of the past.

Depending on the extent of whitening that needs to be done, it is possible to combine in-office treatment with home whitening using a professional bleaching solution tailored to your needs.

Home whitening

The initial form of teeth whitening available to consumers was the take-home tray system. We continue to offer this method of teeth whitening for the simple reason that it works! Many of our patients find home whitening very convenient and effective. The results that come from this process are comparable to in-office whitening. The only difference between the two is the time it takes to see your ultimate results. After a thorough examination to ensure teeth and gums are in good health, a custom-fit whitening tray can be created. Each day, professional strength whitening solution is inserted into the tray, which is worn over teeth for a recommended period.

At Athens Oconee Dentistry, we treat every patient individually based on their desired result. We offer several strengths of whitening gel for home use to ensure an efficient yet comfortable process.

Are you ready to reveal your brightest smile? Contact our office today for your consultation for teeth whitening.

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