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It is no secret that image is highly valued in our society. Men and women of all ages seek ways to repair cosmetic defects and enhance their overall appearance. Whether your intent is to maintain your professional edge or to feel great about your smile, the team at Athens Oconee Dentistry has solutions that we design solely around your concerns and your expectations. We recognize the vital role that cosmetic dentistry plays in our field and in the lives of our patients. As such, we perform treatments with an eye for beauty.

Cosmetic dental procedures can accomplish a number of goals, sometimes several at once. Teeth that are chipped or cracked, that are discolored or misshapen, or that no longer exist can all be corrected with the right dental treatment. If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, the size of one or more teeth, or with your smile as a whole, we can help.

Some of the cosmetic treatments performed at Athens Oconee Dentistry include:

  • Teeth whitening. Discoloration is one of the most common complaints from adults and even older teens. There are several reasons why teeth may lose their lustrous appeal over time. Heredity does factor in, but so does the thickness of enamel and the accumulation of tiny particles of debris in the pores of enamel. Food and drink are the prime culprits in discoloration. Teeth whitening treatment may be conveniently performed in our office or in the comfort of your home. In either scenario, a professional grade whitening solution breaks up molecules that are blocking the reflection of light. In one hour or in a few weeks, stains are removed and your entire smile is rejuvenated.
  • Veneers. A well-designed veneer can disguise nearly any flaw. These cosmetic covers can elongate a short tooth and make a slightly crooked tooth appear straight. Veneers cover gaps and cracks, and they are resistant to discoloration. They can even reshape teeth to create your perfect look. We take our time with the design and fabrication of veneers because it matters to us that you get the exact result you expect!
  • Smile makeover. There are instances in which we consult with a patient who likes very little about his or her smile. Working together, we can arrange an exam and cleaning to prepare teeth for cosmetic enhancement. Missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge or implants and other concerns can be met appropriately with the most suitable treatments, such as crowns or veneers. Depending on the extent of work your smile needs, your treatment plan may take place over a few weeks or over several months. In the end, you will have the smile of your dreams.

Dr. Nail and the staff at Athens Oconee Dentistry insist on the best for our patients. Experience the benefits of focused cosmetic dental care when you partner with us.

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